Saturday, April 25, 2009

Last Gasp of Winter - March in Kyiv

March was a hard month for us. Winter held its grip on Kyiv almost to the end of the month and took with it both Ben's grandmother, Florrie, and Laada's father, Oleksa, only 13 days apart (see photos in the posts below). Laada traveled back to Philadelphia on March 30th for her father's funeral. The following week brought the promise of Spring and rebirth in Kyiv. Ben and the girls managed alone for 8 days with limited Ukrainian or Russian language and even ventured out to the Kyiv zoo during the weekend. (as usual, photos are most recent at the top).

At the Zoo

"Dido's Flowers" - These crocuses were the first flowers to bloom in Shevchenko Park near our apartment. We thought it was a fitting sign of rebirth in Oleksa's beloved Ukraine. That same week, the skies were sunny and clear and the bushes and trees pushed out new buds. The transition to Spring was very abrupt, with temperatures pushing up from the 30s to the 50s and 60s almost overnight.

Most kids worry about monsters Under the bed!

Flowers for Spring!

Laska's class trip to Sophia Cathedral

Magnolia Way on March 22

"Snow Again?" March 22 (photo by Laska)

The Pink Princess

(actually a moving advertisement)

Bridge of lovers (or bondage?) - couples lock padlocks to the footbridge railing, symbolizing their affections. Many also tie plastic strips and other scraps to the bridge.

Baloons with feet! (photo by Laska)

Chess in the park. (photo by Laska)

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