Sunday, June 7, 2009

April and May

Ben's childhood friend - and current fashion media power editor,
Kristin Ingersoll (2nd from right) does Kyiv!

Laska's classroom

Laska with Rita

Larissa with Kristine

Suppertime at art club "Khud Hraf", our favorite restaurant in Kyiv. Please pass the pastels and streudel!

Video art installation at Khud Hraf art club. Words are released from the black tree by motion and then the letters get trapped or bounce above your photo until you let then fall to the floor.

Hmmm, Little Women looks like an interesting book.....Gripping to the end!

Flower posing is a national spring passtime in Ukraine. This is participant observation!

Kyiv boulevard in Spring.

Our apartment building decked out with blooming chestnut trees.

Ira makes Larissa's doll an outfit.... oooooooo!

Kashtan (chestnuts) are one of the symbols of Ukraine.

Help with weeds at Ira and Ihor's dacha garden

Friends having a spring picnic at the dacha.

Ira and Ihor's garden has lots of different flowers and blooming fruit trees,
which were in full bloom in early May

Shashliks and other picnic fare at Ira and Ihor's dacha - a dacha is a country house, most often small (in this case it is a 2 story 'ventialated' cabin). The point of a dacha is to have a big garden to produce as much food as possible for the coming year - and to have a place to get out of the city!

Princess koolbaba!
We discovered that dandilion juice makes a permanent stain on new girl clothes!

Relaxation! Great after a hard month of... inactivity in an urban apartment!

Laska has fun with a new friend (but she will deny it!)

At the river near Ira and Ihor's dacha.

The Tulips are out and Kyiv comes out of hibernation!
----------------------April Below - May Above --------------

Laska and Yaroslava played often seven years ago


Steel Baba

The new monument to victims of Stalin's hunger campeign known as the Holodomor of 1932-1933 when people were shot for saving even a handfull of grain. This genocide was justified as an attempt to move the Soviet Union into an urban and industrialied power (by transferring more food to the cities) but it also was deliberately targeted at the Ukrainian countryside and many believe it was an attempt to break a strong Ukrainian national consciousness.

The right bank of the Dnipro in Kyiv is covered with monestaries and monuments. This photo shows the Pecherska Lavra (a monestary with sever gold-topped churches many of which sit over hand made tunnels holding the glass encased tombs of important saints through the ages.

Laada and friend Tanya

Magnolia buds. Early Spring!

Magnolia Way in the botanical graden park across from our apartment. Compare to a winter image in an earlier post.

Easter Best!

Blessing of the Easter baskets.

The church Larissa was baptised in two months later.

Dynamo Football (soccer)! Laska and Ben attended the second match of the European League's quarter-final Kyiv Dynamo against Paris-St. Germaine. Dynamo won a decisive victory and we lost our voices cheering. Unfortunately the Dynamo lost in their two part series against a rival Ukrainian team from Donetsk... that went on to win the cup.

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