Thursday, February 26, 2009

More pictures

(Photos shown most recent at top)

Early March in Kiev:

Cathedral "Volodymyrskyj Sabor" across the park from our flat.

International Women's Day performance at Larissa's Sadochok

Protests outside Kyiv City Hall

Snihovy Tato

Snihova 'Rissa

Snihova Laska

Suprize blizzard during a walk in the park

February in Kyiv:
Park view from our flat.

At the puppet theater

Downtown Kyiv gridlock!

Ancient gate into Kyiv: "Golden Gate". Now a freestanding monument.

Mr and Mrs. Plastilene.

Flowers for Dido!

Tiki tantsi

Window perch

Sadochok friends


School "Kyiv 92"

Pony ride

A ride in the park

Larissa liubyt' farbu!

At a Ukrainian pop concert with Mom

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  1. Hi FitzNiuks!

    We LOVE seeing all the photos (especially the ones Laska took) and look forward to hearing more about your adventures in Ukraine. We miss you!


    the MisFitz