Friday, February 13, 2009

Pictures from Ukraine

[note: Please scroll down for our "New Years' Letter" and 2008 photos]

Here are some pictures from our life in Ukraine so far. We will post additions occasionally.


Ben, Laada, Laska, and Larissa

January 2009:

Laada, Larissa, and Laska with 14th floor Apt building in background.

View of the kitchen of the 14th floor apartment we rented for the first 2 weeks of our trip
(photo credit: Laska)

Night view of the Lavra Monestery from our kitchen window
(we saw a lot of this fighting jet lag through the first 10 days!)
(photo credit: Laska)

Soviet era "Steel Baba" (WWII monument) from our kitchen window
(photo credit: Laska)

The first sunny day - visit to the city center and playground in
Shevchenko Park. In late Janaury we moved in to the center,
two blocks from this park. (photo credit: Laska)

Ukrainian Orthodox Church on the grounds of the Botanical Gardens
of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. (photo credit: Laska)

Three L's at the Botanical Garden's monastery.

Laska in front of the monastery

Larissa enjoying the snow (photo credit: Laska)

Streets of Lower Kyiv after the thaw (Kiev)

Andriivsky Church in the fog (we had 10 days of
dense fog when the temps rose and snow melted)
(credit: Laska)

Famous scultpure near Andriivsky Church
of two characters from the play "Chasing
Two Hares."

Laska's 12th Birthday: January 25th, 2009

Laska on the subway escalator at Tolstoho Station.

Kiev's busy streets.

Laska in uniform on her first day at Kiev School #92

Laada celebrates her 40th Birthday with childhood friend Irene and families.

February 2009:

Laska dresses up her school uniform a bit!

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